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  • Welcome to visit Haimen Ruixin Glass Products Co., Ltd. Official Website

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           Haimen Ruixin (Ruixiang) Glass Products Co., Ltd. (formerly Ruixiang Glass Factory) is located at the exit of Ningqi Expressway in the northern suburb of Haimen, Jiangsu. Founded in 1981, nearly 40 years of technological precipitation. The company has advanced fully automated trains, 8S machines and other automatic CNC production lines, and has a group of outstanding professional and technical personnel.
           The company mainly designs and produces various kinds of high-end glass bottles, mainly aromatherapy bottles, perfume bottles and candle cups. The products are novel in style, high in quality and stable in quality, with nearly one thousand varieties. The products are not only sold in the domestic market, but also exported to many countries and regions in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, South Korea and the Middle East. The company has always focused on quality, integrity first, friendly cooperation, and mutual benefit. It adheres to scientific and technological innovation, constantly introduces new talents and new technologies, increases capital and technical investment, and continuously updates and iterates to improve product quality. win.

           Ruixin company sincerely welcomes new and old customers at home and abroad to visit our company for business negotiation and friendly cooperation!